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February 22, 2009


L Jackson

WHERE IS TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY?!? Ya think that the people that WROTE it can be...inDUCED the write it again!


Honestly, has this product been dropped?

aion kinah

I will admit that one of these scenario previews contains misleading spoilers.

Giles Hill

Realm of Shadows is my all time favourite, so I will certainly be aquiring this as and when it appears on the shelves.

Scott Glancy

We hope to get Bumps in the Night out by the Fall or Winter of 2009. We're laying it out now... once that it done all it needs is about a month of being proofed for editing errors and then we can send it off to the printer.

eve online isk

I've been really excited about this book since I first read the news item in February - enough waiting already! When's it coming out? :)

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